Our Mission

Our Vision Statement (Our Passion)
Enhancing the health, wellbeing, lifestyle and community connections of individuals and families, with a focus on both culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) and other communities.

Our Mission Statement (Our Purpose)
Servicing the aspirations and needs of individuals, families and communities with tailored and responsive service options and service pathways.

Our Philosophy Statement (Our Ethos)
In summary, our philosophy is founded on Building Community Spirit – Bringing Cultures Together and the three key principles and practices of:
Engaging people – listening to their life story
Supporting people – providing individualised and customised services
Connecting people – creating diverse and tolerant communities.

Our Values Statement (Our Principles)
Integrity – Matching what we say with what we do as individuals, teams or the organisation.
Accountability – Ensuring individuals, teams, the organisation and the Board are accountable and transparent.