Students and interns


Want practical experience with a range of clients? To apply what you’re learning in a non-profit environment?  Experienced staff who’ll help guide your placement? Networking opportunities to kick-start your career? Advance Diversity Services provides support, mentoring and supervision to complement your education through activities like face-to-face work with clients, casework, activity planning, administration, project management, program development, and coordinating events and group sessions.

‘I was encouraged to use the skills I learnt during my diploma, including case management and case work, project and event management, and collaboration with service providers.’

– Marie Eve Santi Amantini


Support for study your style

We support students and interns from a range of institutions including TAFE, universities and private colleges, as well as those studying online through distance education.

Experience in your field

We host placements for students and interns studying community development, social work, business administration, counselling, youth work, event management, disability support, aged care and more.

Empowered learning

We provide flexible and challenging learning opportunities for students and interns as part of our commitment to educating and empowering the community.

Welcoming and inclusive

We offer an inclusive, safe, and respectful workplace, and welcome students from diverse backgrounds to get involved. Be you, with us. You’re welcome!