Community Services 


Advance Diversity Services (ADS) coordinates a diverse range of community services related events, activities, committees, clubs and groups for newly arrived migrants and refugees. Some are listed below – So come and make friends and find support!

We also assist new and emerging community groups and organisations – linking you with others, providing leadership development and encouraging advocacy for positive change. 

Indonesian Arts and Cultural Club (IACC)

The IACC showcases the assets and talents within the culturally rich and diverse Indonesian diaspora living in Bayside and Georges River Councils. It also provides a much-needed community space for Indonesian islanders from all faith and culture groups to come together through the common thread of arts and culture. The group meets weekly on Sunday afternoons. Dance classes are followed by Bahasa Indonesian language classes, so that young people can learn traditional skills and songs.

Nepalese Dance Group

Each Sunday young people, aged 4 to 17, meet at Shopfront in Carlton to learn Nepalese folk, contemporary and classical dances that have helped to shape and preserve Nepal’s diverse culture in Australia. An education session follows in which the young people learn about Nepalese values, history and traditions and are tutored in basic Nepali language skills. Over the past five years, the group has performed in many local events organised by councils and multicultural organisations.

Japanese Arts and Cultural Club (JACC)

The JACC commenced in mid-2019 inspired by local members of the Japanese-Australian community who wanted a way to share their rich cultural heritage with everyone in the community. The JACC meets once a week on a weeknight during school terms to practice traditional and modern Japanese arts and crafts, music, and dance. People from every cultural background are welcome. This initiative is supported by Bayside Council through its Community Grants Program.

Chinese Arts and Cultural Club (CACC)

Funded in 2020 by a ClubGRANT from Club Central Hurstville, the CACC provides a space to showcase and build on the talents and assets in the community. Drawing on existing creative talents within the community, the grant also funds a professional facilitator to support group members to showcase their work to audiences. 

Migrant Information Day

This annual expo-style event provides important information about government and non-government services to newly arrived migrants in the region and celebrates the cultural diversity of the St George area. The event is held annually in October or November and alternates between Rockdale and Hurstville.

‘Every migrant brings a story, their culture and a thirst to connect. ADS will help join the dots.’